Mike Lyon is the manager of North Market Seafood, uptown’s fresh fish market, located in the heart of the Saint John City Market. From locally and sustainably raised seafood to its signature line-up-worthy fish and chips, tourists love our sea-faring history, friendly fishmongers and top quality seafood. It’s the freshest you can get.

“We always offer samples to tourists. Sometimes they end up trying a product they’ve never had before, like our Candied Smoked Salmon, or maybe they have never had seafood this fresh.” About 50 per cent of tourists who try a sample end up making a purchase, and usually come back to buy more before they leave the city.

Tourists have even become life-long customers. “We get calls from tourists we’ve met over the years. They get home and they call us to order seafood, and we gladly ship it to them. For example, every year we send 200 pounds of lobster to British Columbia for an event.”

It seems Saint John has a special effect on our seafood-loving visitors.

We know people come to our city to experience our rich history. “I think tourism helps keep our history alive. The more we talk about it and show it, the more it helps us, as locals, to remind us of our unique story.” 

Listen to Mike’s radio ad: